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CANON LIFECARE SOLUTION offers new choices in low-temperature sterilization with hydrogen peroxide, for heat-/moisture- sensitive instruments that will enhance efficiency and productivity.
Thanks to our trusted, original vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization technologies, we are ready to support effective infection control at medical facilities where professionals take care of reprocessable surgical equipment.
Hydrogen peroxide is an agent that can safely be decomposed into water and oxygen. This means that dedicated ventilation equipment or a long waiting time after the cycle are not required.

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Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization

OH[Hydroxyl] radicals will be generated around micro-organisms when gaseous hydrogen peroxide comes into contact with the load items. The OH radicals will effectively inactivate those micro-organisms.
The OH radicals will effectively inactivate those micro-organisms.

Cycle selection

Selecting the most suitable CYCLE
Operators can simply choose a cycle mode on the touch screen display, depending on the shape, material or nature of the load item. The standard and soft cycles both have 2 levels of of ALV (Alternating Ventilation) as options to choose according to your preference. This process can be skipped by presetting a program.

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Ask official ES distributors about selecting the most suitable cycle for each type of medical instruments.

Ask official ES distributors about selecting the most suitable cycle for each type of medical instruments.

Ask official ES distributors about selecting the most suitable cycle for each type of medical instruments.

Short Cycle
The 28/34 min. short cycle is for devices without lumen structure, such as cables, batteries, probes and cameras. The ES-700 has been updated and equipped with a Short Cycle like the ES-1400, the upper model. The shorter duration time without drying will help to improve ROI by boosting turnaround times of reprocessable medical equipment and devices thanks to the shorter processing time, and by expanding usage beyond the scope of a conventional low-temperature sterilizer.


  • PLASMA-FREE sterilization is gentler on medical devices
  • PROPERTY CHECK performs a cycle simulation to prevent time being wasted
  • Effective use of chamber capacity with PLASMA-FREE
  • Emailing function to minimise downtime
  • Pre-cycle conditioning is designed to warm up the load and remove moisture to prevent from cycle cancellation


  • Improved visibility with the updated user interface (LCD touch screen)
  • Hands-free door operation via the foot sensor
  • "VIEW PORT" enables visual checks of the loaded chamber
  • Notification of cycle completion by email
  • Cycle records can be saved in an SD card and printed by the built-in thermal printer
  • PLASMA-FREE technology makes it easy to keep the inside of the chamber clean


  • Residue in the chamber minimised by ALTERNATING VENTILATION[ALV]
  • Sterilization cartridge with RF-ID, perfectly sealed with dual-wall construction
  • Automatic disposal of hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen

Hydrogen peroxide will be decomposed into water and oxygen

Gaseous hydrogen peroxide is effective for the safe and environmentally-friendly inactivation of micro-organisms. Unlike other low temperature sterilization technologies, loads do not have to be kept in for a long time to remove toxic agents.

Safe, dual-wall construction with RF-ID

The all-in-one, easy to handle sterilization cartridge has a dual-wall construction that holds up well against shocks.


  • Can use commonly available accessories for hydrogen peroxide sterilization such as TYVEK® pouch reels, CI, BI, sterilizing containers, and wire baskets
  • ECO SWITCH to reduce power consumption
  • Dry pump system requires less maintenance

Solution and Support

Reporting, Validating

Monitoring with validated services/indicators/accessories

Monitoring by validated biological indicators and a rapid-readout auto-reader

Biological indicators are test systems containing viable micro-organisms providing a defined resistance to a specific sterilization process. The latest incubator for rapid-readout is also available from leading suppliers to significantly speed up the process*.
*Ask an official ES distributor about availability in your country.

Process printer and SD card

SD card to store and output the history of the cycles performed. Alternatively, these data can be also printed out for reporting or filing.
*Only a dedicated SD card for the ES series can be used.

Service / Installation

We are striving to provide optimum support for customers with our local partners, where experienced technicians are fully trained and certified for the ES series according to our standards.

Accessible with any device, from anywhere.

The email function minimises the downtime of the ES series by automatically sending an error message to in-house and external engineers. This notification feature increases productivity.


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