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Dispensing and Packing



  • AX30
  • AX45f
  • AX93


We are striving for the best support for customers with our local partners where experienced technicians are fully trained and certified for products at our standard. Our professional technicians will do their best to optimize performance of AX series at your site with genuine parts and various on-site support programs such as scheduled inspections, preventive maintenance and repairs. Please do not hesitate to ask what we can do for you, not to limit you to what we have seen in the past! Our wish to serve for your ambitions for efficient medication is unlimited.


Successful installation can bring you to a good start to efficient and effective management of equipments with minimum repair cost throughout whole life. Our authorized partners are ready to coordinate standard and advanced services through site inspection, delivery, installation and qualifications.


Pharmacy Solution

We have experience in working for pharmacy in Japan for many years and intend to develop the best solution overseas for the latest powder packing machines together with our experienced partners in your country.

Accessory and Consumables

Available accessories and consumables are differemt between countries. Please ask details to local partners.