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Full Automatic Dispensing and Packing Machine
New AX930 full automatic dispensing and packing machine supports maximum 93 packages, that enables various prescriptions with both tablets and powders for 3 times X 31 days at a single operation. Advantages of UDP (Unit Dose Packaging) even with combination of tablets and powder could not be utilized more effectively.
You can print messages on pouches in Korean language by operating from PC software. (Korean model)


Fast and accurate dispensing
AX930 is empowered to support your work by our unique technology with a compact rotating disk and reversely rotating feeder. That’s why swift packing is possible with accuracy even with its compact body. These features are boosted now to satisfy pharmacists even further by blushing up all the detailed control process as well as gears and components from the predecessor through distribution to packing.
3-HOPPER system and optional blades
AX930 is equipped with the outstanding "Triple Hopper" feature. Thanks to its advantage, AX930 can dispense with combination up to 3 kinds of powder medicine or even more at one time.
New optional blade and newly designed feeding process
New optional blade (*) and enhanced distribution system as well as improved feeder system offers possibility to increase more accuracy for dispensing.
*Standard configuration.


Built-in 5.7 Inch color touch screen
Nothing can be more convenient than operating AX930 with a "build-in" 5.7 inch color touch screen as standard configuration. A pharmacist, as an operator, can be relaxed to concentrate on prescriptions without being disturbed by operation of machines. Useful functionalities like short-cuts may also help the operator to improve accuracy and efficiency to serve for patients' satisfaction.
LCD messages are described in Korean for Korean model.
A new CENTRAL WINDOW (transparent lid)
AX930 is newly equipped with a fully-openable window (transparent lid) which enables easier access to hoppers where users can clean up remaining powders. You can also open the entire lid to reach every part of internal structure.
Pouch slider (optional)
AX930 also offers a new accessory; a pouch slider which enables stacking of numerous packages on the internal tray without decreasing efficiency by simple solution.
Large-size tablet cell
Large cells for tablets are aligned in 3 rows X 15 columns, and those supports convenient operation for prescriptions by 3 times a day for a whole month. Design of cells is improved the visibility of the tablets inside a cell by slightly tilted front wall.
Selections pouch width
You can select different width for pouch depending on different volume of prescriptions for specific medication for each patient.


Product Name AX930
Dimensions 862 mm (W) × 525 mm (D) × 969 mm (H)
Weight 145kg
Power Requirements / Consumption 100V 50/60Hz
Ask local distributor for different Voltage.
LCD Screen size 5.7 inch
Maximum Number of Dispense Powder : 93 Tablet : 45
Pouch Size 70 x 60 mm (Tablet only)
70 x 70 mm
70 x 80 mm
70 x 90 mm
Dispensing Speed LOWEST: 20 PCGS / min
LOW: 30 PCGS / min
MED: 40 PCGS / min
HIGH: 50 PCGS / min
Printing Thermal
  • AX30
  • AX45f
  • AX93

Dispensing and Packing